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How many seeds are in each pack?

All basic 12 packs contain at least 12 seeds, but almost always many ore than that. Bulk seed packs will contain at least what is stated and always more. If you require thousands of seeds simply send us an email. We provide fat packs priced right!

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How quickly will I receive my order?

* Updated April 2021 All in stock items will arrive to any USA address typically within 5-10 business days. International orders can take up to 2 weeks, however most typically arrive within 7-10 business days. USPS has been slower in general for the last year now, but some orders do still arrive within the 3 days they promise. All orders are shipped via USPS Priority mail.

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What is your return or refund policy?

We do not accept returns and will not process refunds for seed purchases due to the nature of the product. Shirts or hats can be considered on a case by case basis. This is an adult business for adults, so please only order what you are sure you want. That said, we have a great reputation for customer service, so please always reach out to us if you have any issues.

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Quick question, how do I grow the seeds?

Quick answer, we can't help you. Google is your friend.

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Why do emails from this site sometimes have a phishing warning?

Short answer is it's the way our send email function works and bounces emails from our site back to our gmail account. Essentially we are emailing ourselves via this website and gmail and other mail providers see it as suspicious. You can go to this link to find out how to let google know which email senders you trust.

  1. On your computer, open Gmail.
  2. Next to Search Search, click the Down arrow Down Arrow.
  3. In the "From" field, type the sender's email address.
  4. In the bottom right, click Create filter with this search.
  5. Check Never send it to Spam.
  6. Click Create filter.

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What payment methods do you accept?

BitCoinCash AppVenmoCash We gladly accept Bitcoin, Etherum, Cash App, Venmo via their respective apps; and US currency by mail. All options are available during the checkout process.